System One Control – Energy Monitoring and Management

Monitor and control your building remotely with System One

Focus Your Efforts through Energy
Monitoring and Management

How can you know if your energy-savings strategies are working? With System One Control, you can know, whether you're on-site or not. With our integrated end-to-end solutions, we can break down your metering, system by system − and when you know where the energy is being used, you can focus your conservation or retrofit strategies where they count most.

Monitor all your building systems and consumables

Our customized, easy-to-use web-based dashboards allow you to compare usage and export data to enterprise-level reporting.

Using metering and sub-metering capabilities, tying them to efforts such as time-of-day scheduling, peak demand limiting, and demand response – all combine to help your facility reach top performance. 

Detailed information about energy systems make for better decisions

Make better, data-driven decisions – know what next steps to take to maximize payoffs. Contact us today and start saving.