Conservation Saves Energy and Money

Lighting retrofit at Victory Ramp St. Paul

Did you know over 25% of your energy bill could be just lighting? Advances in lighting technology mean that with a lighting retrofit you can save 30–80% of your lighting costs, freeing up budget funds for other critical tasks.

The Peoples Lighting Retrofit Process Pays Off

The Peoples lighting retrofit process brings you through audit, design, analysis and payback with minimal effort on your part.

You could be paying up to 5 times more than you should for lighting. You can't afford not to investigate how a Peoples lighting retrofit can save you money. Clients can experience a return on their investment in less than one year! Contact us for a free consultation.

Your staff jumped right into the project and functioned exactly as we had hoped. They are greatly responsible for making this go.

– Richard Naughton, James Steele Construction


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