News: N4 updates becoming more critical for efficiency, cost-savings

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Capsule:  System One Control (the controls/HVAC division of Peoples Electric Company) encourages all building owners and facility personnel who operate Niagara N2 or Niagara AX building automation systems to consider updating to N4 to avoid operational gaps, due to discontinuation of Java support by major browsers.

ST. PAUL, MINN. – April 3, 2017 – System One Control, the controls/HVAC division of commercial electrical contractor Peoples Electric Company, encourages all building owners and facility personnel who operate Niagara N2 or Niagara AX building automation systems (BAS) to consider updating to N4 to avoid operational gaps and to improve personnel efficiency.

The reason for the advice is a discontinuation of support for Java plugins by all major browsers used by building management systems. This is across industries, but affects the building systems market disproportionately because of the use of Java plugins for interactive functionality.

"We are suggesting that Niagara N2 customers upgrade to N4; N2 is no longer being supported by the manufacturer because support for Java plugins is being dropped by all the major browsers. And if you are running Niagara AX, your system is still being supported by the manufacturer, but it’s very possible that upgrading to Niagara 4 would be cost-effective and add efficiencies, such as mobile access, which can really cut down on personnel costs," says System One engineering manager Bill Gausman.

"While there is still some support for Java out there, much of it has been removed as modern browser vendors work to restrict the use of plugins in their products," continues Gausman, "Mozilla, which makes the Firefox browser, has said it will support Java through the end of 2017, but that is already an extension of the deadline, so people need to plan on an update soon. Open-protocol, non-proprietary systems give you the most flexibility, but they do need to be updated regularly for maximum security and efficiency."

"It can be inconvenient to make system updates, but in the end this is a win-win," says System One sales manager Glenn Kroeten. "Browser plugins such as Java can be the source of major headaches such as crashes and security problems. Updating to N4 so everything works seamlessly with the new browsers means fewer plugins and more security and stability, plus anywhere/mobile access. All people need to do is give us a call and we can help determine the best update path."

Find out if your building automation system needs a Siemens Niagara N4 update. Glenn Kroeten will be happy to take your call to discuss your system update needs at 651-602-6839.

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