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  • Unity Connected Building Intelligence by Peoples Electric Combines Smart Lighting with Building Systems

Unity Connected Building Intelligence by Peoples Electric Combines Smart Lighting with Building Systems

Networked LED lighting controls make buildings smarter, save more energy

Unity Connected Building Intelligence Overview Diagram
ST. PAUL, MINN. – July 18, 2017 – Peoples Electric Company, a full-service electrical and building controls contractor, today introduced its Unity Connected Building Intelligence smart lighting and building automation solution. Instead of approaching lighting, HVAC and other major building functions separately, Unity offers a single technology platform for HVAC and lighting controls with a front end that can integrate with access control, low-voltage communications, fire alerts and renewables, among other building systems. Unity leverages the latest in money- and energy-saving LED lighting and controls with the data-sharing capabilities and scalability of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Data collected from built-in sensors in the fixtures gives building owners and managers actionable information about occupancy, light levels, temperature and more, with convenient, mobile, real-time dashboard access to all systems and data. "Unity is a networked lighting control system that provides the granularity of occupancy sensing, associated room-by-room and fixture-by-fixture zone control, rendering unprecedented energy savings from smarter use of lighting and mechanical systems, in addition to improved occupant comfort," said Bill Kaufenberg, director of lighting for Peoples Electric, adding, "The unified front end saves maintenance, time and management labor on top of the energy- and labor-saving LED fixtures and lamps."

Using real-time building information, Unity gives all facilities managers coordinated control of their building systems. "At one time, a building automation system was an expensive investment. Now our Unity offering is scalable to the smallest of buildings. It doesn’t have to be expensive to give owners the latest technology with the flexibility to meet constantly changing energy code requirements. Owners also receive significant ROI from energy savings," said Bill Gausman, engineering manager for Peoples controls subsidiary System One Control. Pinpoint plug-load control allows reduction of energy consumption from computers and other equipment when spaces are unoccupied. Further ROI comes from reduced lifetime labor and equipment costs—less than one-third of other lighting solutions.

Peoples Unity Connected Building Intelligence solution provides full insight into building systems, resulting in optimized HVAC; dimmable, tunable lighting color; and automated daylighting and shade control, among other capabilities, helping commercial and institutional facilities improve employee productivity and attract talent. Open protocols ensure flexibility to add new systems later. Unity is a single-source offering, with Peoples providing both electrical and controls installation for construction efficiency and delivered quality to the client.

Peoples Electric competes in the vast IoT industrial segment that includes smart buildings, building automation and commercial lighting—a market projected to reach 28 billion IoT connections by the end of 2025, according to the Continental Automated Buildings Association. The global market for smart lighting is projected to rise to a more than $21 billion in sales by 2022, up from a $6.8 billion in 2017, according to Research and Markets.

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Right-click image below for Unity Connected Building Intelligence overview diagram 300dpi
Unity Connected Building Intelligence Overview Diagram link

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Unity Connected Building Intelligence Functionality Diagram link

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