Solar/Renewable for over 20 years

Rooftop solar array

Peoples is one of the area's most experienced solar designers and installers, being a leading solar installer for over 20 years. From some of the first panels atop an elementary school, to high-tech solar tracking installations, we've been keeping customers connected to savings and safety.

We make it easy for you, start to finish

From the initial site survey and evaluation through financing, installation and maintenance, we provide a full range of services and equipment. Ask about our end-to-end E-Renewables™ Solution, which includes complete project management from inception, through financing, design, execution and engineering, to final paperwork, to enable you to control your future energy costs and even own your power generation source, all with total out-of-pocket costs as little as zero.

Peoples solid renewables experience will make your renewables implementation soar. Whether it's wind, water or sun, we can craft a renewable-energy solution to fit your business.

We have LEED Accredited Professionals and trained solar PV personnel on staff.

Find out more about Peoples solar, E-Renewables or other renewables and energy monitoring/management solutions. Contact us today and start saving.

Because of your attention, this project reached completion in an unprecedented three months - less than half the typical construction period for similar lab facilities. This achievement is even more remarkable given the demands …

– Dana M. Badgerow, Commissioner, Department of Administration


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